I am looking for a simple, portable way to get down song ideas and also to use for help in practicing. I want something that has at leat two inputs. I've found 3 possibles that I'm having a hard time choosing between. Price is a big factor for me, under $300 is a must, closer to $200 means getting it in a month or less. The candidates are:

Tascam DP-004
Boss Micro BR
Zoom H4

I'm leaning towards the TASCAM due to the lower price than the Zoom, but I like the increased portability of the Zoom. I like some of the versatility of the Micro BR, but it's built in mike quality (mono only) is a concern, I don't have any mikes currently, so at first the built in one is very important.

Let me know if anyone has had good or bad experiences with any of the above, or has any suggestions other than these.

I've had experience with Tascam as well as the Micro BR, and my opinion is that the BR is the worst of the 3. It's hard to find a good distortion, let alone a good anything.
My band uses a Tascam DP-01, and it's great. I can only assume the DP-004 is just a smaller, simpler version. I would definitely go with that because of its ability to mix more than the other 2.