Definately the Ibanez.

My friend bought the Dean as his first bass, and the amp didn't even work. He had to return it and buy another Dean and a B10 (good amp but bad bass.)
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Anyone around here will tell you that the best starter pack is to NOT get a starter pack; though I'm pretty sure the Ibanez one is considered the LEAST crappy. Kind of like being the least ugly severe burn victim.

You're better off just getting a good cheap bass and a good cheap amp, especially if you can find them used. Look at the marvelous FAQ we have, it's stickied for your convenience!
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...Coincidence? I think not.
ibanez are great money/quality IME
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Squier is good for the price.

I had the Dean Edge 09 starter pack, after a few months I was having problems with both the bass and the amp. I've owned an Ibanez, they make good products, but I haven't heard anything specific about their starter pack.

IMO, a starter pack isn't going to give you great great stuff, but for starting out and being on a tight budget, they're a good value.
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...Coincidence? I think not.
go with ibanez for metal.
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