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Hey! I'm not sure if this belongs in the drug thread, if so i'll delete it.

So after recently turning 21 I now have the opportunity to buy my own beer whenever i please. Anyways, so far i've really liked the taste of Leinenkeugel Honey Weiss. Also, I recently tried some Landshark ( brewed in Florida ) and i have to say it is pretty tasty!

So what are some of the pit's favorite beers. Please don't turn this tread into a UK vs USA beer. Yes i know 90% of American beer taste like watered down piss.
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Steel Reserve is probably the highest % beer i've drank. I think it's like 8.5% or something and it's pretty nasty lol. But the 40oz'ers are good for parties and stuff.
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FoolishFool, you sir, are a genius. A ****ing genius, I tell you.
Magic Hat, Blue Moon, Sierra Nevada
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Canadian beer. Doitdoitdoitdoitdoit. Sleeman is my personal favorite however.
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Amberbock is good, Shinerbock is also pretty good, Blue Moon is tasty with a hint of a fruitiness, anything dark is good IMHO. I don't much like yellow/piss beer, got to have some flavor to it.

Edit: I had Moose Drool the other night, not bad either...and yes it's a beer.
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I love Heineken.

Heiny is great. Get some Tsing Tao, it's Chinese beer and was once only served to kings.
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Rolling rock, cause its almost rock n roll backwards. And if not that, miller lite. It has a delicious taste.
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You gotta get on the hard stuff, man. Whiskey or white rum.
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Yes, ofc everyone enjoy's whiskey or vodka on the rocks. But this thread is about beer! Also, I heard blue moon was good with an orange slice in it? Anyone tried it?
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Great Lakes Elliot Ness! Fabulous.

Also Sierra Nevada makes good stuff.

Also if yer adventurous you should get an Imperial Russian Stout.

A good one is thick like a chocolate desert and tasty as shit. The style has a really high abv too if yer into that.

Try Old Rasputin. You'll prolly have to go to a special beer store.
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Some beers I like:

Deuchars, tiger, cobra, dark island.
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pretty much can't go wrong with Coors light
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Chronic > alcohol
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pretty much can't go wrong with Coors light

it tastes like water

Harp is pretty tasty and drinkable.

Narrgansett is my favorite for lare amounts of drinking cause its not as taste-less and very drinkable despite not being a light beer. I'm also biased as I live in narragansett and I don't know how common it is out-of-state.
Corona is really good.
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I'm a beer salesman, and I get to try many different beers. I like them all, from watered down choices like bud light to heavy hitters like Guinness. The best one of all in my opinion is Spaten Oktoberfest. Spaten is the oldest brewery in the world and this is the original Oktoberfest. Everyone has their favorites, but if you like flavorful beer, be sure to give this one a try.
Tsing Tao

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^ Sapporo Ichiban is definitely tasty. And it comes in a 16 oz. bottle. Can't go wrong with that friend.

Try all of the following:

Fin Du Monde
Most anything by Leinenkugel (I have a thing for Weiss Beer)

Anything at all by Shiner

there are many.

The best beer, by far that I have ever had, was on a Sardinia in the Mediterranean. I am pretty sure that they dont sell it outside of the island, and even if they did, I cant remember the name. But it was so ****ing amazing. God.
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pretty much can't go more wrong than Coors light


what part of the country are you from? because i know a few good ones, but they are somewhat local, so depending where you live, you might or might not be able to get them.
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Corona with a lime.
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