dam these things are hard.. trying to put in drop C.. takes 2 hours to get halfway there and then i got sick of it.. whats the easiest way to do it.
start with the low string, tune to pitch, move up, do it again, etc etc etc, then start over at the low string and do it again. .. Takes me about 20 minutes to tune up/adjust the springs for a new set of strings.
yeh thats what ive been doing, but when i put the string retainers on, it goes like a sharp out of tune, i fine tune it, goes back out again.. very frustrating.
Thanks for post
Check to see if the bridge is level with the body, if its not, adjust the springs on the underside of the guitar until the bridge sits level with the body. Other wise it wont stay in tune for crap if you so much as touch the tremolo.

If your just now tuning it to drop C from another tuning then less amount of string tension will cause you to have to adjust the springs. You need to adjust them every time you change tunings ( not every time you tune it, just with different tunings.) and string gauges pretty much.

Also check this: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=614226
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