Ok. I really love lincoln brewsters sound. And what hes done with his strat is hes modded it with area 58 and 61 pickups along with a volume pot mod. Anyways i am going to do exactly that. but strat wise do i really need to spend 1100 on an american standsrd or is there a cheaper model or easier way to do this? I mean since im switchin out the pickups is the rest of the guitar that important? I hope im being clear enough
I'm betting that an inexpensive guitar with decent wood, a comfortable neck, superior set-up, and awesome PUs played through a decent amp will deliver superior tones.

I'd audition a bunch of Squier Affinity Strats and put in the new PUs.

you could go mexican strat for about $400
and he can write some sick solos... just sayin
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yes it is the guitar can affect how thick the sound is but normally you could get a strat which are normally the same quality but cheaper good luck put some pics up when our done i wanna see
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All right so wat is the cheapest way to do this? Could i like you said by squire parts and put em together? I like the mexi idea but im worried about the quality nd craftsmanship. But with that said are squier parts or anything else really better quality? Wat do ya think? Is the main reason people buy strats is the pickups?