I am thinking about buying some new cymbals for my drumset, but i am not sure which to buy. i currently have zildjian zbt's, which are awful, especially for metal which is all i play, so if you have any ideas that would help me out a lot.


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If price is not an issue... Zildjian A-Customs

If price is an issue..... maybe some Sabian XS20s
sabians. zildgian used to be better quality but now sabians tend too
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Yeah A- Customs fo sho.
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i would say to go with zyldjian As but if not go to a guitar center and go in the drum section and try out all the cymbols and you cant really ask what cymbals are best its all personall prefferance gl dude
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Zildjans= awful?

The ZBT series is the bottom of the line, they're not very good. Basically the Marshall MG of Zildjians.

TS, it really depends on your budget. If you can spend a lot of money, Zildjian As or Sabian AAX would be a good fit. If your budget is tighter, maybe the Sabian XS series.
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If you don't want the generic Sabian or Zildijan cymbals, go with K.
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If price is not an issue... Zildjian A-Customs

If price is an issue..... maybe some Sabian XS20s

I would have to agree, the A's are really good in sound quality the one's you have now are almost the bottom of the line and sound god awful.
i play metal, and i just bought the ZBT expander set. pretty sick. for christmas though, i got a B8 Sabian Ride...im sold on Sabians for life,i gotta say. if they werent so god damned expensive id have my set decked out with em, but zildjians have great quality for low price if you know where to look
Meinl makes some awesome cymbals but they aren't cheap.

AAX, A customs, K customs.

Don't get a B8.