Please tell me the differences between the jcm 800 212 combo and the jcm 900 212 combo.

Then can anybody tell me what's better for what, opinions.

I'm looking at a new amp and currently deciding on a 5150 212 combo because it's around my price range.

If anyone wants to compare/give advice on the marshalls vs the 5150 feel free.

I think the marshalls are out of my budget because I still can't find one used for much less than $1,000. (My budget is about $600-700

Thanks for the help
jcm 900

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

JCM800= Better at that classic Marshall crunch sound, but lacks the variety of the 900. Best for classic rock to 80s hair metal.

JCM900= More modern voiced and versatile than the 800. Better clean headroom and more gain, but lacks 800's crunch tone. Best for alternative rock, and modern metal, maybe for blues although you could do better.

5150= Loads of gain, more than you'll ever need, but not much clean. No good for anything requiring less gain than classic rock/metal, but perfect for modern uber-brutal metal.
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you are looking at completely different amps here.

A JCM 800 is suited extremely well towards classic rock, 80s hair metal, and blues.

A JCM 900 is more modern sounding more suited towards various genres of metal. It also has nicer cleans then the 800.

both the 800 and 900 are british voiced amps.

The 5150 is a high gain, american voiced amp with pretty bad cleans. The cleans can be fixed slightly with a chorus pedal though.

You should try all 3 out and decide which is best for you.

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