You've put in too many now
The things I have done
I know to lunge and twist, and I'm
Touching these silver spoons
Joy has never felt so rough
All I know is that I've done nothing wrong
Everything I've done is good

What were you smoking at the red sign
Funnier now but wearing quicker
Imagine all the journeys I've taken in my mind
I love that I've done nothing wrong
Shoved but sticking, touched but waiting
Joy has never felt like this, your body's alive

You've put in one too many now
Touching at these silver spoons


A bowling green, a chinese burn
A waiting game, so many games


Secretly I start to shiver
Time goes by, I see you break
Nothing of yours is secret anymore
Not passed or old, not new to love
You've gotta eat, you've got to move
You've got to get your body off the floor

What was I doing, wasting hours
Turntable bed shed ninja flower
You suffering was sudden news to me
He cannot be your angel
She cannot be your hero
Se might become your angel
But you don't need to cry
Joy never felt like this
You don't need to cry