So i was just on msn, and i found out from my good friend in Hong Kong (i used to live there) that a friend of mine had just killed himself...

I wasn't extremely close to him but he was a really awesome guy. this is the first time i have experienced a death of someone i personally knew.

He was one of the true metal heads on the planet and an AMAZING drummer.
he will be missed greatly
EDIT: im not sure but i think he was about 19.
he would have lived an amazing life had he given it more time
my friend says that he was beaten and strangled by his father, lived alone without any connections in college and had just been dumped.
basically a bunch of **** piled up and he couldn't handle it anymore
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sorry man. its always tough to loose somebody before their time. it will heal bro.
Damn, that's a shame, man.

I know this sounds bad, but at least it wasn't someone you were legitimately close to.