Hi all, download these first:

http://uploading.com/files/L2F46GM1/(None) - M_Order.wav.html



Recently ive been trying to learn a song from one of my old fav games (lords of magic) from wen i was a kid. There are no tabs of this song so i e-mailed the composer on the game and he gave me the chords and some info on the song. Unfortunately it is not enough, after a few hours of tabbing i realised id need some help to tab this song.

The composer, Keith Zizza, told me these things:

- He wrote the song on a keyboard with a 12 string guitar patch

- "I don't have the sheet music for it, but it is in F# minor (broken down by measure):


Then the bridge
A, C, G, D (repeat throughout)

The third part is more involved, I'd have to think about it at the keyboard some more before I rattle off the chords..."

- the timing on the chords: overall, it's 4/4 common time... I noticed on the second part the chords aren't spaced over time evenly. (refering to my tabbing)

- the melody: sounds like it's interspersed with the chords sometimes, and not at other times. (refering to my tabbing)

- I think what may be of help is this: imagine the Order tune (at least the first and maybe the second part) were a "real world" piece for guitar, which you're attempting here. It would be best suited for two players (I can't imagine playing all of it on one guitar! ). So, one player is strumming the chords, while the other plays the melody. using this logic will definitely help frame your chord fingering more easily.

- And that he cant be of any further assistance for legal reasons.

I realy would like to be able to play this song. It is a great guitar song and any help in tabbing it would be appreciated.