Lucius and Abernathy took a walk down to Moorehead Lake after
Lucius had snuck out of his parent's home, disgruntled and sullen,
hands buried deep inside his pockets.
The boys stopped by a cobblestone well that served as the centerpiece
of the historic district of their small town.
"You know, Abernathy, I was here several days ago thinking about jumping
down that well. But I stopped. I thought, 'Why do anyone this favor?' Why
succumb to sexual frustration? Catholic guilt? Tumultous family affairs? Why
should this be how it ends - Leaving the world just as unexpectedly as I had
come into it."
Lucius kicked a rock into the lake.
Abernathy rested his hand on his shoulder.
"That's funny - Just this morning I thought about masturbating but decided
against it. I thought, 'You're not actually putting your penis in a vagina, so
what's the point?' It's a waste of time.
Lucius sat on a log.
"I'm dying Abernathy..."
Abernathy started off towards home.
"Then jump down the fucking well, what do you want from me?"
Poor advice.
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Thats so good I'm afraid to crit it.

I liked the comparison of masturbating to suicide. But who calls a person named Abernathy, Abernathy? How 'bout a nickname? Or I'm missing the point of something? Whatever, I really liked this.
Thank you.

Abernathy's simply a name.
I knew an Abernathy AND a Lucius growing up.
Old men, of course.
Poor advice.
Aber means mouth of the river, or confluence of water - I bet that name comes from a place name.

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This was short, but very powerful. Far too good to say anything more than:

I really liked this.
There were some punctuation slips. I'm glad I read this.
There's only one thing we can do to thwart the plot of these albino shape-shifting lizard BITCHES!
it feels right. very relatable, relevent, especially to how i'm feeling in this moment. thats the sign of a great piece, universal to everyone.
thank you for that lovely piece.its all i can say

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