As a digital studio workstation:

64 Virtual Tracks
999 levels of Undo
Fully automated 14 channel digital mixer
VS8F-1offers 2 independent high-quality stereo effects processors. It contains 100 preset patches that can be edited and stored to one of the 100 User Patch locations like: 3-D effects, reverbs, delays, graphic and parametric EQ's, compressors, limiters, guitar effects & more
1,000 markers
28 bands of digital EQ
Waveform editing
Integration with computer based systems
SCSI port for expansion
Extensive syncing methods
Digital In & Out

As a sampler:

more storage and better quality than most new products on the market


These sold for around $2,500 when they first came out I believe.

Asking $450 shipped. Paypal is preferred payment. (This is just an estimate. If shipping costs less than I think, I'll give you back the difference)
Edit: I just looked at shipping costs.

$400 shipped is what I'm asking.

Feel free to PM me an offer or ask questions.
i dont mean to derail your sale but maybe you should look up what these sell for on ebay.