I have ibanez S520EX, it has humbucker infinity pickups. Lately I noticed when I play higher pitches or harmonics, they barely ring at all. I though might be some kind of bad connection or something to the pickups, any ideas?
If those are active pickups, the battery might be dieing/dead. You might want to replace it.

Edit: Nevermind, I just checked and they're not. Might be a screwed connection.
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I have an RG with Infinity pickups and the same problem, so I'm not sure it's a contained case.
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Because, INF pickups are crap. I'm definitely not the only one who thinks that.
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raise the bridge to be higher, i had no sustain on the higher frets when i got it from my brother, when you raise it you should notice more sustain.

no dont raise the bridge, lower the pickups. If the pickups are too close the magnetics can kill your sustain, just use the 2 screws on the pickup ring and lower them. Be carful though if you lower them too much it can drastically change your sound. The closer they are the more output you have and the farther is the opposite. So lower it to your liking.
Again, this is pickups not the bridge.

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Because, INF pickups are crap. I'm definitely not the only one who thinks that.


changing them as soon as I get the money,

also yeah, lowering your (a little bit) PU's will increase sustain.
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How old are your strings?
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How old are your strings?

just put on new ones. I'll try to lower the pickups and see if that helps, I'm having this problem for about a month, bothers the **** out of me. thanks