I accidentally breathed in a match (bit the head off before it went in) into my lungs.

Should I worry?
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Sort of.

Bloody hell yes.

Call a doctor or GP or something

Lungs generally aren't supposed to have anything but air in them =/

EDIT: And while it mightn't pose a problem now, it could move into a vital airway or something, I don't know. I'd say contact a professional.
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yeah, you might want to get checked out by a doctor, that can cause you develop pneumonia and various other things.
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Your misfortune is hillarious!
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nurses hotline.

its free, available 24 hours, and will be able to tell you without a problem as to whether you need professional help or not.

just don't ask what they're wearing or they'll get upset.

EDIT: most countries have this, just look in the phonebook.
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Are you SURE its not in your stomach? I think you would feel it if it was in your lungs, as they aren't just almost 'open spaces' like the stomach is.
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I actually think you can't breath in objects with you lungs, it is probably in your stomach
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I accidentally breathed in a match (bit the head off before it went in) into my lungs.

Should I worry?



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