I'm getting a new gutitar soon and I am looking at getting something around $500-800 AUD and possible depending on my hours at my job $1000. I have 2 questions.

1) Choose a guitar from the list below that you think I should get from the $500-800 list

2) Choose a guitar from the list below that you think I should get from the ~$1000 list.

I don't gig, I play things like clean Metallica, GnR, AC/DC and RatM and Jimmy eat World.

- Epiphone G-400 ($600)
- Epiphone G-400 Gothic ($650)
- Epihpone LP Sudio ($650
- ESP LTD MH100QM STB ($800)
- ESP LTD MH103QM STB (MH100 but with maple neck/HSS) ($800)
- ESP LTD Viper 50 ($550)
- Jackson JS30RR ($580)
- Epiphone Flying V Gothic ($750)
- Ibanez RG350DX ($850)

- Epiphone Tony Iommi SG ($1000)
- ESP LTD Alexi-200 ($1000)
- Epiphone LP Ultra ($1000)
- ESP LTD KH-202 ($1200)
- Tokai SG75 ($1200)
- Jackson RR3 ($1000)
- Jackson pro series KE3 ($1050)
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Ibanez Rg for the first one but im not familiar with any of the guitars on the second list, but i would advise not to get a signature model tho
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the only advice i can give you is to not get an ibanez thats less than $1000. Personally I'd get the ESP LTD MH100QM (for comfortable practice) and the KE3 Kelly (for quality and sound) but I wouldn't really know as I have never played them (I'm just judging on what I've read in reviews)

the reason you shouldn't get the ibanez is because your schecter will probably sound better. Only the top quality Ibanez guitars will sound better than your schecter

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rr3 (not at all biased >_> )
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the RR3's a wicked guitar, but a pain in the ass to sit with (i tried one yday)

the Kelly plays really nice, fast neck, nice pups, the LFR is really good too
- Tokai SG75 ($1200)
- Jackson RR3 ($1000)
- Jackson pro series KE3 ($1050)
- Ibanez RG350DX ($850

My suggestions.

- Epiphone Les Paul Standard Ebony Finish
- Hohner Hc-06 Classical guitar


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Get the RR3 or the Ke3 because from what i heard, they're pretty good guitars. On a side note, my mate has an ESP LTD viper with EMG's 81/85 and it owns.
If I could add one to the list, you should look into the ESP LTD MH-1000 if you havn't already.
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Ibanex RG350Dx

Jackson KE3 Pro

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If i was you, i'd go for something without a tremolo. Otherwise, i'd say the rr3 or ke3.

I wouldn't go for the LTD KH-202 or Alexi-200, nor would i go for the les paul ultra. I'd also avoid any ibanez in that price range with a floating trem.
Wait, you just got your Schecter, didn't you? I recall your NGD topic too...do you really need a new one already?

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