I'm pretty sure the input/outputs on it are both xlr.
It's supposed to hook into a mixing console, not directly into the amp.

However, if the inputs are standard, it shouldn't harm it at all, but I'd be interested to see if it would actually work.

EQ pedal?
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its got balanced 1/4" jack input/output, aswell as an XLR output to a subwoofer. Would be awesome if it did work.
i dont see why not, if its got the 1/4" outputs
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Behringer proaudio stuff is alright actually.
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Yes it works. just put it in the fx loop of your amp.

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make sure not to plug the line out into the regular input. it will work for a while and then blow the preamp. you have to use a power amp in or an effects loop in. that's how i blew one of my peavey combos.
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