Hi guys,

This is my first lyric post, please be honest and let me know what you think, these lyrics are alot darker than i've usually written for me, not really sure what made me write them but here we are.

The working title is called "Loss of Everything"

Let me drown myself in anxiety
Hope has left me here
Please just leave me be,
They'll only notice when your gone

The higher i climbed, The further i've fell
I've chosen to lay here, please don't save me,
Theres nothing you can do
I've lost all direction of where i'm ment to be

All dreams have blured into something more than ****ing useless
I can't see anymore, awake for days on end.
Drifting quickly into my own hell
Paralized from set-backs and indecisions
Giving up on my own life mission

Happiness is a fools dream, it doesn't exist.
Contentment is an ideal, it doesn't exist!
Love is a lie, it doesn't exist

Its so easy to let go, let me go
Theres nothing left you can say
I'm done, I'm through.
This is it.