The guitar sound is a little thin, and if you have a bass in the mix it is quite hard to hear.
Otherwise very nice song, vocals sounds ol' fashioned in a good way and the guitar playing sounds very influenced by Dimebag.
Maybe a bit to much reverb on the vocals unless that is what you aim for.
Good song, but could be even better with some minor changes.

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Love this song! Very catchy riffs, but the guitar does sound a little thin, I would suggest boosting the Lows and Highs along with add a teeny bit more gain. The lyrics are great also! IMO the drums sounded a little lacking, but it still fits in very well, and also the bass does need to be boosted (I suggest if you're recording on a computer to run it through a simulated acoustic guitar amp, it works wonders) I love the solo too!
All in all great song, just room for improvement in the mastering

and thanks for the crit!

(what are you recording this with?)
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Thanks guys for the crit - I'll take it into account to improve the song.

cukd7x-a2-, I recorded the guitar with a Zoom G9.2tt, which has got cabinet modelling (pretty cool but can't beat the sound of the real thing), and the drums and bass are midi (although I'm trying to get a bass-sound using a guitar and a pitch-shifter!) I'll definitely try it through an acoustic guitar amp!!
Like others have said, the guitar is a bit thin and the bass is really quiet. I found the echoy vocals at 3:30ish a bit corny. This song has a nice Southern influence. Awesome riffs. You're a really good player.
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I think the guitar would have sounded a lot better with more gain and generall a little more punch. The bass could have done with being turned up too, like others mentioned. Other than those small issues I think this is a pretty good song. The vocals are nice, it reminds of the singer from The Doors, although the musical style is quite different. Drums sound good, too. I like the riffs in this track, they are very catchy. It is quite a happy song which is different for a metal song so good job on that, originality is the key to success. I didn't like the little interlude bit with the weird voices though, I personally would have stuck with an instrumental interlude.

Overall, it was an enjoyable song, good job! Thanks for checking out my work, as well.