i've been playing for about a year or so, and i'm still a little confused on whether you use the neck pickup or the bridge pickup for soloing? What do i use for riffs? should i just go by sound rather than position?
you should go by sound.

as you start upgrading your gear (amp) you'll notice the tonal differences you're looking for.

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in the first post, there's a part explains adjusting pickup height for tone fine tuning.

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id say go by sound, but personally i find the neck pick up has a smoother sound with works nicely with faster solo runs, and also harmonics work much better on the bridge pick up.
Whatever sounds better to you. The bridge pup has a more cutting sound, the neck one is more mellow. Both are frequently being used for both rhythm and lead. For rock or metal, the bridge pup is used for riffing most of the time.

But really, it's all preference. Really.

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I'm just learning the whole tone thing too.

I noticed that I can get a different tone out of my pickups if I don't crank the volume on the guitar all the way. I back it off maybe to about 75%

When I crank it up, it sounds too bass heavy. I'm still experimenting
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Remember that you can turn down the bass on your amp or pedal too, that should make the bass tone go a bit less if you want.
i usually go for a metal sound, i love dimebag's work, so i drop the mids and boost the bass and highs. and i already know how to adjust my pickup height. but i hate how on my SG the two volume pots affect each other. i was just considering asking for a couple new pups for my birth-day and was trying to figure out which positions to get them in.

p.s. i really can't get the amp setup i'd like to just yet, i'm waiting til i work this summer to buy a new amp.
shove it on the neck pickup and wail the solo to more than a feeling, then you will know
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Whatever sounds good to your liking.

I personally use the neck pickup but the bridge can be just as delivering to the user.
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