heres a short clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWM9GiMZS_Q

its basically in c minor with few notes from c major? scale

anyway id like to know how to expand the playing, im kind of stuck in that position in the vid, what kind of note progressions i should use down and up the scale? if i would like say bluesy sound

thanks in advance =P
Cheers for trying to get into the art of improvisation
It's probably my favorite thing in music.

First of all, it's hard to understand what you are doing without any backing track, but I assume that you're doing an improvisation around a drone or silence (like you would do in an intro of a song, for example).
So it's quite good, I like how you get that blue/country-ish feeling and your tone is great.
What you could improve on is rhythm feel, because you're playing rhythmical phrases but without consistent rhythm and it sounds odd and amateurish. You should try to make phrases that are more meaningful and 'speak' about something rather than just repeat anything a number of times, but that comes from experience and intense listening to how each note of the scale sounds alone and on different chords.
So, it's a good start, but you should really try improvising along a backing track, even a simple blues progression can give you months of good practice material. And don't forget the rhythm! ;]
you seem to have a decent understanding of phrasing and sequence--i would keep working on that. also, i feel like there were parts in that video were you lost the time, work on that and always keep a count in your head (in addition to feeling the time).