Hey guys We recorded this He's A Pirate cover all on acoustic guitar.
Check it out.


We may re-shoot the video l8r with better camera. ^This video is shot only after 2 hrs practice. Check details on youtube to get the tabs.

Replies are always appreciated.
Just checked your video out. good cover. little attention in last section, some glitch with sound but its good job for 2 hrs practice.
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At a few parts, the notes aren't hit that clearly. But I love the fact that you did Pirates on acoustic. It's an interesting concept. The two of you play well together.
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Thx for replying.

Ya i know there r few minor glitches but we didn't have much time to practice. now if we re-shoot... it will be surly better and hopefully not any single glitchs and better lead guitar.. if we do, will surly post it here.