What pickups,amps,effects,etc, to make this sound better in this video? It sounds horrible, i think i need a custom randy rhodes gnx4 effect, but i need help.
oh and i kinda messed up because i played in front of like 6 of my friends and i was kinda nervous

I think your guitar needs some tuning. And you need to practice more.

High output humbuckers would help, really, a new guitar would be better (that's a squier, right?) What amp do you currently have?

Worry about kit in this order; amp, guitar, effects, pickups.
Fender standard or Squier? If it's a Squier, I'd advise you save up and put the 400$ for a MiM strat(if you want a strat, I'm sure there are better choices)
I'd say a new amp would do the trick. Go tube, trust me, I got conned into getting a Spider III when i first started. I'd use my Peavey Backstage all tube over the Spider any day, and it came from a pawnshop in non-working condition.