I was looking around for a strat (not a big fan of superstrat shapes) so I went to my local music store and saw a Billy Corgan Strat (In White)

I absolutely love this guitar. The pickups are great, it looks fantastic, and I love the shape and feel of a strat. The only problem is, one of them main reasons I wanted a strat was because of the trem bridge. The BC strat has a hardtail bridge, which doesn't bode to well with me. I'm also looking for something with higher output pickups, like the DiMarzio's on his strat.

Looking for strat with similar specs as above link,
Don't want a superstrat,
In the 1000$ price field,
Not a big fan of double locking trems either.

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the fender highway one is almost exactly the same as the billy corgan strat, but with different pickups and a synchronised tremolo.you could just swap out the single coils for some rails and it would be 99% the same for way cheaper
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I have a Lite Ash Strat with comes stock with some bloody good pickups.
I'm recommending them as they're being discontinued - once they've gone, they're gone - but are bloody good value for money!
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