im wondering whether i should just finger pick or should i keep buying picks?
That depends COMPLETELY on what you're playing... Come on now, give us a clue?

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it depends bro........
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seriously now. really depends on what you play. I don't hink you could do trempicking or play speedmetal with your fingers.

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Well, picks are sure easier, but if you can nail a good fingerpicking technique (Knopfler) then, you'll be able to maneuver easier and do some out of the ordinary picking. Plus it's more impressive.
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Learn to hybrid pick, that what I do.
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Yeah, learn to hybrid pick.
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Quote by helsinki_vampir

I don't hink you could do trempicking

actually if you listen to classical guitar theres all sortas of tremelo, all done with fingers.

play whatever you like more or is easier. you have to decide what to do. not a forum appropriate question.
how about stop losing your picks, and get a pick holder...and you wont have to "keep buying them" lol..
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Picks are cheap, if you lose them, by more. Don't switch styles because of the price of a pick.

Switch because you should know how to play both ways. :P
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both, depends on what you are playing. Be Jimmy Page and keep your pick in your mouth when you aren't using it.