Hey guys, I just finished recording, mixing and creating the artwork for my new cd "Truth & Treason" so that means i'm done! The music is a cross between a guitar instrumental cd and classical music. Twelve is one of the tracks on this album and won runner-up in the UGs Songwriting competition judged by Kole. It was the only instrumental to win.

So my songs are on my myspace and i will also be selling the cd for $5 and $2 shipping. A pretty damn good deal if i do say so myself. I played all of the guitars and bass myself and most of the keyboard/piano parts. I used Garritan Personal Orchestra for the Orchestra and Addictive Drums for the Drums (both programmed by me).

So I hope you check it out. Thanks


EDIT:​ Track​listi​ng

Truth​ & Treas​on

I. The death​ of Innoc​ence
II. Twelv​e
III. Betra​yal
IV. Shrou​ded
V. Reach​ing for Immor​talit​y
VI. Treas​on
VII. The Rain
VIII.​ Tonig​ht
IX. A Weath​ered Man
i. His Final​ Judgm​ent
ii. Purga​tory
iii. The Cripp​ling Truth​

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