Description and Background:
2007 Ibanez Prestige RG1527 in Royal Blue
I've used this probably for probably 5-10 hours total time, mostly in 2007 when I bought it. It's mostly been in its case
since then, aside from checks for maintenance and taking the pictures for this sale.

Intonation is perfect! Play a G chord an octave up at the 12th fret and it's perfect, flat for flat and sharp and sharp! No scratches, no cracks, no whatever you name it! I've got the pictures to prove it.

I'm looking for an acoustic electric as well for a potential trade. I never really use the guitar, I had a case of cognitive dissonance ever since buying this because I wasn't sure if I really needed the floating bridge. However, right now I'm really into playing acoustic guitar and have no interest really, in electric guitar.

Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio Evolution 7 installed by a professional luthier
DiMarzio Website

Comes standard with the Team J Craft Hard Case specially made for the RG1527
Case Close Up

Location (City,State or City,Country):
Ajax, Ontario, Canada.
Not going to be shipping this, so preferably for people around the Toronto/Durham Region area in Ontario or if you're coming up here from any other place in the world.

I'm mEtAlORc on UG since 2005 and mEtAlORc on the Sevenstring.Org forums.
I'm themetalhankey on Youtube.
I'm guitarist_ibanez on eBay.

This model is CAD$1439.47 brand new at LA Music
I'm asking for CAD$1300 or Best Offer (OBO) or a trade for an acoustic-electric, in the names of Martin, Taylor, Breedlove. I've invested a lot of time and money in buying this guitar + the pickup and getting it professionally installed. I'm currently looking at getting a Yamaha FGX730SCA.

Video This video has been up for 2 years almost now, when you search Ibanez RG1527 in Google, this video pops up. For confirmation that I'm the owner, inserted is an annotation in the beginning of the video for the location, which is where I am.

5th Fret | 12th Fret | 24th Fret | Between the Bridge and Neck Pickup

DiMarzio Evolution 7 View 1 | DiMarzio Evolution 7 View 2

Edge Pro 7 View 1 | Edge Pro 7 View 2 | Edge Pro 7 View 3 | Edge Pro 7 View 4

Neckjoint Close Up 1 | Neckjoint Close Up 2 | Neckjoint Close Up 3

Overall View in Case | Side view with Knobs/Pots

Tag; Inspection by Ibanez | Tag; Made By Team J Craft | Tags

Team J Craft Internal Pocket View 1 | Team J Craft Internal Pocket View 2

Body View 1 | Body View 2 | Body View 3

Back of the Headstock (5 Piece Neck) | Headstock

In Case View 1 | In Case View 2 | In Case View 3 | In Case View 4 | In Case View 5

Jumbo Frets1 | Whammy

On Stand View 1 | On Stand View 2 | On Stand View 3

All in all, it is a beautiful royal blue coloured guitar, matched with a soft and majestic fabric inside the professional hardcase

Contact Info
If you're interested, send me a PM or add me to MSN: dudevod@hotmail.com

*All of these pictures were taken by myself with a Sony Cybershot DSC H10B on February 20, 2009.
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