...an actual headphone jack in it? I know it's called the headphone amp, but on Guitarcenter it doesnt actually say it has a headphone jack in it.

So does it have one?
Yes the Vox amPlug does have a 1/8" headphone jack. It also has a line input for using an mp3 player for backing tracks.
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Ok thank you. Is it worth the $40?

If you need to play quietly for practice sure, but if you have a nice amp and your aloud to play loud use that.

But it really is a good quality for a little practice toy.
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If you want to practice quietly at home, then yes, it is worth $40. Don't expect it to be 'amazing' by any means though. It is what it is, a headphone amp.
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I bought the AC30, then later the Classic. It's worth $40 if it's worth to you to be able to walk around playing your guitar with complete freedom and silence to the rest of the world. The tones are pretty darn good.
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Ok thank you. Is it worth the $40?

i like the ac30 and the metal , but didnt like the classic rock .

overall it has a very good sound . better than some multi effect i heard . its great to practice , it totally worth the 40 $ imo . better than all the micro stack , and fender mini and other stuff like that .

the palm muting is very crunchy ... better than a spider II by line 6 and some the rectifier effect of the micro cube and behringer v-amp 2. the sound is less digital than the other unit i listed .

i used sony mdr-200 heapdhone ... it would probably be even better with top quality headphone .
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another great thing is that for bedroom , my Amplugs are my main amp .... i have a marshall 4x12 cabinet and i plug directly my cabinet into the headphone output of the amplug ( you need a jack converter from 1/4 to 1/8 but that cost 1 $ ) . the sound kick ass and the punk rock / metal stuff come out really great of the Metal amplug , and nice clean from the AC30 ) .

4x12 make it a bit bassy ... but it sound very good overall . better chunk /palmmuting than a roland micro cube or behringer v-amp , or spider II ( insane channel ) from line 6 .

amplug have an output of maybe 2 watts i would say . enough for my bedroom use .
ans wont damage anything in your set up .

metal is good for metal and punk rock . the amp doesnt sound "Metallic " like a Metal muff pedal , boss metal zone ... if you know what i mean )

but the "metal" is a one trick pony . its high gain .. gain all the way up and rock on . you wont have low gain by rolling back the gain . it wont sound good . Through headphone , theres a lot of sustain ... it would sound a bit like Metallica "black album" distortion if we want . through my 4x12 cabinet .. it sound more like a punk rock amp lacking Midrange ... think green day Dookie distortion but lacking mid .

for acdc stuff and clean sound .... tried the amplug "Ac30" .. the "classic rock" just didnt work at all IMO .

hope that clear the amplug question theres very good for practice in a bedroom but arent really versatile . but most unit i tried ( spider II , behringer v-amp , roland micro cube werent either cause i didnt like 3/4 of the effect / amp model ) .
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you can use the headphone out to computer speakers also. $40 well spent!