Hey guys; so out of dissatisfaction with the tone I was getting out of my SCN's (they sounded rather lifeless, and my bridge pickup was about as useless as a football bat), I've ordered a new set of pickups. My bridge is going to be a Seymour Duncan JB Junior single coil-sized humbucker, and my neck and middle pickups are going to be Quarter Pounders.

Now I figured as long as I'm changing out the pickups I might as well see what I can't do about my pots to improve my sound. I've already decided to route my Strat's tone controls to the bridge and middle pickups rather than the middle and neck, but I wondered about changing out the volume pot for a 250k or a 500k.

Since I'm using a humbucker in the bridge, I figure that I should go with a 500k, especially since I'm routing a tone knob to that position (I've heard that the JB Junior can be a bit too bright, so I'm wondering if a 500k would be a good decision or not).

Also, I understand that a 500k pot will make my tone brighter and more trebly, but what else will it do to my sound? And does anyone have any recommendations that might help me out in this situation? What about my tone knobs, should I make any changes there, and why? Thanks in advance.
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Install a treble bleed cap - means you don't lose as much high end when you roll the volume down.
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