quick answer: forget it .

i have a tube amp with heapdhone output ( custom build ) and it sound horrible , tube amp sound thin and compressed through heapdhone . its not even usable , that s why you rarely see a tube amp with a headphone output . even the blackheart /epi valve jr dont have one . the 1 watts blackheart bh1h dont even have one . cause it just sound horrible .

so save your time and money .. get a headphone amp like a vox amplug ac30 or metal , they sound really good through headphone . and get a really cabinet /tueb amop when you can play louder )

here stuff i own or have owned :

vox amplug ac30 and metal : both sound really good through headphone .

behringer v-amp 2 sound good too . curiously sound better through headphone than any speaker/cab , PA etc..

roland micro cube = not good ( dont ask me why , maybe the output is crappy , but it doesnt sound good )

line 6 spider II doesnt sound good at all ( headphone or not )

bottom line : tube amp = cab ..forget headphone . thats why company dont even bother making one . even the lower wattage tube amp dont even have one .

** marshall had a 15 watts tube amp combo in 70 or 80 with a headphone output ... but its now rare and near 1000 $ and wont even sound good through headphone . dont bother searching for it .

hope that help . save your time and money searching for this , it jsut dont work .


you got the wattage problem , tube amp sound good cranked , even my 3 watts head is very loud , i couldnt even imagine through headphone .
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There are a few, but the headphone out require attenuation and stuff in the circuit so most companies don't go through the bother.
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Not sure how it sounds but the Blackstar HT-5 has a headphone jack.
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Not sure how it sounds but the Blackstar HT-5 has a headphone jack.

id really like to try it ... cause as far as i know ... tube doesnt sound good through heapdhone or line out .

but maybe if they made a whole set up like a speaker emulation with the output etc... it could sound good , but im sure it will take out the whole tube sound out of the amp as well .