I'm a huge fan of newton faulkner, eric roche and other percussive style players (check them out they're awesome =P), anyway, does anyone know where I can get a sweet deal on percussive guitars?
Didn't know they made guitars that are actually specific for the percussive stuff they play. I just play it all on my Ibanez AEL. btw if you like newton then you might like andy mckee and erik mongraine. They play ridiculous percussion acoustic stuff. Just an acoustic guitar tho. No vox and stuff
Hahahah, I'm so very glad there are no "special percussive guitars". Of course, it will sound better on some guitars than others, especially if you're not playing unplugged, when more factors will come into play.

I guess the only thing I can do is recommend more percussive players. Probably the most insane one is Thomas Leeb. Check out Preston Reed, Antoine Dufour, Don Ross, Justin King, and the amazing 1 minute solo piece played by Miyavi.