So whenever I mic my amp (Peavey XXX 212 combo), there's this huge buzzing sound coming out of it. It really bothers, and when I say huge, I mean huge.

Is there any way to remove it? Or would I be better off using my PODXT and recording direct line-in?

Pickups, especially single coils, tend to buzz quite a lot when near computer monitors.

Could this be it?
thesorry.. it might seem like a dumb question, but i'm just clarifying. the buzz is coming from your amp? or is it after the track is recorded?

i suppose whichever it is, just try to have as many things in the room turned off as possible.

things like, TVs, Air conditioners, fans, space heaters, cd players that might be on, alarm clocks even..

also, sometimes i find it helps if i have everything plugged into the same power strip.. buying a high quality power bar may help this too.

having a power bar that ensures proper grounding throughout all of your equipment should help when dealing with nasty buzzes and noise.
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