Alright, i've been wanting to get a better amp for ages (I have a ****ty MG rite now), and now i have that opportunity. I have an $800 budget, BUT that's for an amp and a multi-effects pedal. Now my question is: which amp and which pedal?
I've been looking at a peavey VK 112 and a Boss ME-50, but not sure if it's the best I can do for that price. I play mostly Rock and Metal .


For 800 bucks you could forego the effects and get a killer metal tone from the used route.
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I could, but problem is I don't have my amp when I rehearse with my band, so I need to get a killer tone everywhere I go. Besides I want the wah and a few other mods that the effects pedal offers.


Used Peavey XXX combo (about $500)
Used Mesa/Boogie F-30($700ish)
Used Mesa/Boogie DC3(same as above)

and then just buy a Dime Wah.........
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