So I've been teaching my girlfriend how to play guitar - she was gettin there, you know?

She had borrowed one of her grandpa's guitars. (hes in a jazz band currently touring across the US) Its a really sweet Santana SE. Really nice and everything...but unfortunately the girl has a few issues being klutzy and dropped it.

Basically, the wood near the neck cracked. The neck is still attached but its a pretty good gash.

if you look at this picture, the crack runs around the bottom of the neck, where the neck meets the body.


Any ideas on price to fix this? Shes freaking out really bad as if the guy is going to disown her!
- ChrisBob
Take it to a shop.

And he's going to notice, so you're SOL and JWF no matter what.
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it is in drop D, it says so in the offical tab book i bought


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take it to a guitar luthier.. they'll know what to do when they see it.. she should have borrowed a beginner acoustic guitar first before a PRS SE Santana..

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