Hey, everytime i try to write a new guitar riff or something i just end up writing stuff that other people have written before me. Sometimes i write original stuff, but that stuff just sucks BAD.

Sometimes when i write a intro or something i go around for days thinking how much it owns, just to find out later that day that it is from a good song >_>

What should i do? Is it just me that have lack of creativity?
You're probably subconsciously writing things that you think sound good, from hearing them in songs before.
Open chords & arpeggiated open chords, barre chords and muck around with strumming patterns and timings, hammers/pulls/slides into/with chords, muck around with different scales/passing notes, play other peoples licks and then literally play them backwards and see if anything sounds cool, play over backing tracks or a rhythm figure I've made up...

That's what I do, admittedly I still think a lot of my stuff sucks but I have a lot of fun experimenting and playing around Anyone else got any, possibly more strucutred and helpful, ideas
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I find for some reason, I play my best stuff over a backing track of little wing playing from the pentatonic scale starting at the 12th fret (I suck at theory, so I'm not sure exactly which scale, the 1st note is E so it could possibly be that)
I just messed around on my guitar and made a really good riff, but now i found out that riff is from a song on my playlist.

So ****ing demotivating. I really get frustrated when i can't come up with anything. Not even chord progressions
Are you working from a particular scale or key? I find if I don't have a starting point, like a scale or a collection of chords that work in a key or a backing track I find it hard to write something. I've accidentally 'created' a lot of the licks I've just been listening to (if that makes you feel any better) I find once I've got a 'neutral' starting point it works better, how are you currently coming up with your stuff?
This never happens to me actually, it's a godsend. I'd say stop taking full inspiration from other music, because otherwise your stuff will be far to comparable and sometimes in your case literally exactly like the music you listen to. Listen to a lot of different genres to get a feel for different styles of music, incorporate different things into your playing, otherwise you will just end up trying to sound like someone else because you don't really understand how to mold other things together.
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I didnt have anything planned out, and I didn't know **** about improvising, so it was like "OH SHI- SOLO TIME" so I kerry-kinged it.
Look on youtube for different techniques or "tricks" try throwing in a chromatic walk or something every now in then.
Are you writing metal, rock, pop?
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There's so much music out there that's it's virtually impossible not to copy something.

Just take something familiar and play it differently.

For example this riff is very common and used in lots of songs.


Play it like this


x means don't play that note. Sounds different don't it? I found a few ways to play that riff and has different impacts.
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