im about to buy an itouch...what kind of wireless internet thingy do i need to use it

i guess im gonna have to get some kind of wireless internet adapter or something...what do i need? i know im gonna need something that will be able to pick up for a decent amount of distance...whats the best thing i can get for the best price?
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its called an ipod touch for one. and you just need a decent wireless internet connection.
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iPod Touch...

Do you mean a Wireless network router? So you can send a wireless internet signal round the house?

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you don't need anything. if you want to use it for internet you just go somewhere with free wireless internet. It will pick it up on it's own. If you want to use it at your house you'll need a wireless router connected to your modem, or just have a wireless modem.
You just need a router.

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