I play guitar... I will play lead or rhythm, or split solos.

my influences are Metallica,Black Sabbath, and GnR

If anyone wants me to join their band ( or i guess start a band with me and you until we find more members) then pm me
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oh and yao151 i love the fact that you as a fan of metallica and slayer likes John Frusciante, i wish more people around here had an open mind like that

I'm not narrow minded

just narrow dicked
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how do you start an "ONLINE" band

You collaborate ONLINE to write songs and record them.
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Sounds like something drbobgfx should be included in. drbobgfx would like to join this band as the drummer. Add drbobgfx on MSN so that you and drbobgfx can discuss this online band:
If you desire any synths/orchestral things send me a PM. If you want to see what my synth/programmed orchestras sound like check out my profile songs (the top 2, at the moment). It would add a sweet layer to any music you create, especially if you are going for a darker type of song atmosphere.
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