Well ****. I just got the tubes replaced at a shop, picked it up today, brought it home about 30 minutes ago, turned it on to warm up on standby for about a minute and a half, then played for about 20 minutes. While I was playing on the clean channel, it suddenly went "eeehhhha;sjlka" kind of like when someone's amp is on and they don't have the lead plugged in to the guitar yet, and they're struggling to put it in?? know what i mean? but anyways, the speaker made a sound and crackled a tiny bit, and then the light was off... and that's the last I've heard of my amp... I don't know what happened. I didn't do anything wrong. I was just playing through my amp, not even very loud.

So do I call the shop that replaced my tubes and blame it all on them??
It's not my wall socket, it powers other stuff still... What could this possibly be? Is my amp dead? Am I doomed?
If the pilot light is out, mains fuse is blown for sure. Replace it with a slow blow fuse of the same value and see if things work from there. It should be accessible from the back in a screw out socket. Check first to see if the wire inside is still intact (I doubt it will be).
call the shop you just picked it up from, and tell them what happened. dont start throwing out accusations, but tell them you had only played for a few minutes after getting it back from them before it fried. if that happened to me, i would make it clear that i expect them to look at and possibly fix my amp for free (or close to it). i mean if you just paid them to work on your amp and it comes home and goes out that fast, i feel it points to an error on their end. its not for sure, but it looks that way. you still have to be polite though, they wont do anything if you are a jerk.

of course if its just a blown fuse, thats easy to take care of yourself. i would still call the shop though, because you can always call them back later to say it was just a fuse. but the quicker you call them after getting your amp back, the more it seems like you barely played it. if you waited a day or week, they would think you were lying and did something to the amp. so what i would do is 1. call the shop. 2. check and replace the fuse. 3a. if amp works call the shop back to say you fixed it. 3b. take the amp back to the shop if the fuse isnt the problem.
well yeah, I just called the shop anyways. The guy remembered who I was, and that I was just there an hour ago and I just told him what happened and he was like "well that's always fun". haha, so he was cool about it. He just told me to bring it in anytime, and if it was an error on their part, they will look at it and fix it for free.
But, I will check the fuse. I'm not positive where to look, but I'll try to find it... where am I supposed to find a replacement fuse though??
Okay, I have the fuse out and it looks like it's blown, but I'm not sure what rating to replace it with. Anybody know??