You bend, and vibrato. He's doing a very wide vibrato. It'll take some time to perfect it.
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it sounds to me like he does a little bit of a pinch harmonic and then wide vibrato, is that the sound you're getting at?
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He's doing pinch harmonics at the same time, jsut hit the string real hard wit a good pinch, and bend it as if you wanted to rip it from the fretboard, it's all about phrasing, try practicing only pentatonics but work your phrasing with vibrato, you'll start to learn that vibrato in a pentatonic is more expressive than most, then you'll be able to do as the guy !
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Besides doing the wide vibrato... are you sure you're not referring to the pinch harmonics he's doing (while doing the vibrato)? If so, then doing pinch harmonics is a different story from wide vibratos. There are many threads regarding them.
Make sure you're using your forearm as your rotation point, not your fingers. Practice to a metronome and with a tuner, as strange as that might sound. Try doing half-step vibrato on every click and then every 8th note.
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He doesnt use pinched harmonics. The one at 0:03 is on the high E.....is it even possible to hit them on the high E?
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The best advise that I got for developing vibrato is this:
Bend the note up, as soon as you feel your finger touch the string above, go back down. When you feel your finger touch the string below, go back up. This keeps your note nice and even and in pitch. Just focus on not over doing it, (CC DeVille, Kirk Hammett).
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