What Scale (in E) Would Be Made up of the notes E, F, G#, A, B, C, D, E? I Just Wanna Make Sure I think Its Just The Harmonic Minor.

Sorry For A Noobish Question.
You Dont have to say i dont know anything about modes becuz i dont but i made up a little box scale for it and wouldnt the e phrygian dominant still be in a, and why?
It's E Phrygian Dominant, the fifth mode of A Harmonic Minor; however, it is not A harmonic minor. You will not understand why this is in a practical way until you learn basic theory (my sig is a good place to start) and write in a way that isn't harder to understand than Kant.
No, E phrygian dominant is in E. A minor is in A. They are made up of different intervals and don't sound alike.
They sound more alike than a lot of parallel mode combinations in my opinion, but that doesn't matter. Scale is determined objectively, not subjecively.

You're not wrong, but it's important to say that sound can't be used as a basis for this as it is completely based on opinion, not allowing for any kind of standardized nomenclature.
So you know I wasn't arguing with you Sue, We replied at the same time lol.