Thinking of buying an Ibanez ART120, any advice or things I should look out for?

Any alternative suggestions?

i bought this guitar not to long ago maybe december and i had intonation problems i have to get fixed and i want to put higher gauge strings on it. other than that with a good amp its great for the money i fell in love with it the first week and played the hell out of it
Intonation can normally be sorted quite easily only thing that would steer me away from this guitar is there being no fret markings : /
well for the fret markers there are some on the side of the neck which is pretty easy to get use to im fairly new been playing about a year now and the markers made no difference seeing as it will only make u have to get to know your guitar a little better=]
I love my one
never had any problems with it, thought I'd miss having fret markers, but I dont

a link to show off them pickups?
you want some sound clips or a picture or what? :P
EDIT: btw the pickups run on AA batteries, not 9v
just so you know
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I bought this guitar as my first guitar one year ago and I must say it was a good buy.
My low e started to fretbuzz a bit after I changed the strings for the first time and it hasn't gone away since then, but I'm totally okay with it.

I play through a Roland Cube 20x and I really like the cleans (haven't heard very much cleans on other guitars/amps). I use a BOSS MD-2 for distortion and I think it's a bit of an overkill sometimes, but lowering the gain a bit from the pedal makes it better. The active pickups might also affect the amount of distortion. This is a good guitar for its price!
\o/ yes I hear it's alot of guitar for the money and I was after some sound clips showing off them pickups