Well in a last minute decision I ditched the vocals, which I thought came out nice, especially since I did a duet harmony with myself like the original during the chorus... it was just a tad out of my range, even with vocal corus effects it still sounded more like shouting than singing. So I left the instrumental body and will offer this up instead.

Check it out, tell me what you think!

I dusted off the ol' yamaha FG411 to play the arpeggio and the jam rythem. Something about the dreadnaught gives it the right sound for this type of song.

The ending sounds wierd without the feedback, but I played the tangible parts as best I could anyway.

Ok enough rambling here it is:

Bullet For My Valentine - Hearts Burst Into Fire - Instrumental Acoustic Cover


P.S> It's not easy to strum that fast and stay in tempo on an acoustic. Many, Many takes!
i quite like it, kudos
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i really like that song by BFMV
and ur acoustic is amazing sounding

c4c here you go u can choose one or both
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Thanks guys, I actually used 3 different Guitars for that.

Yamaha FG411CE - black colored dreadnaught with elixir strings
Taylor 714CE LTD - Koa Wood grand auditorium
Fender Victor Bailey - Koa Wood acoustic bass.

Yamaha plays the opening lines, and the rythem.

Taylor plays all solos, trills, and the fender does the bass.