I have a monster cable 21 ft, and a live wire 18 foot, a 20 foot no name cable, a pair of stock prs pickups with from a prs mark tremonti se guitar, and a ibanez ts-7 od pedal, and a usa big muff pedal.

The monster cable is going for 15, and the other two cables are going for 10 shipped.
The prs pickups are going for 30 for the pair shipped.
The ts-7 is going for 30 shipped
the big muff is going for 60 shipped
boss ns-2 noise supressor for 65 shipped
I will sell everything here for $200 shipped.

As for trades i am mostly looking at the MI Audio Crunch Box Distortion Pedal, and the ibanez ts-9.

Send me what ever offers you think are fair. I am looking for pedals, as well as small tube amp heads like the new blackstar, or the blackbeart little ant.
i might be interested in the ns-2
i'm in canada, is that ok?
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