Basically i am looking a completly putting together a awesome strat for myself. i have already got a nice sunburst body however i have my eyes set on all the other stuff i need. however i not sure about a neck. i want to make a really nice guitar that plays really well so i am prepared to spend if that what i takes. i live in the Uk does anyone have any suggestion for a good place to get one. i also want a rosewood one. sorry for the long question
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Idk if warmoth ships to the UK but check them out
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I got a lovely V profile Mighty Mite maple neck from an American seller on ebay.

I'd highly recommend it - it's lovely to play and great quality - I believe they are available in rosewood too.
check out the guitar necks section on axesrus.com, they have quite a good selection of strat necks and at resonable prices. I recently bought a 22 fret maple strat neck from them and its beautiful. Free and quick delivery also. Check them out