Hey all. I just recently moved to a very isolated part of Texas where there isn't much of a selection of other musicians to collaborate with.

What I am looking for is someone with an electric drumset, or miked acoustic set to lay down a drum track for my rendition of "Creep" by Radiohead which I have recorded. The song itself is uploaded onto my profile for you to listen to.

Please help

Click here to listen
I dont really care for Radiohead, but I may be able to make the drums electronically (Acoustica Beatcraft). If you don't mind electronic drums, which sound pretty decent as far as I am concerned, let me know and you can send me the mp3 of your song. If you want to hear what some of those beats sound like, check out the song in my profile titled "She Came as the Night Against the Wind."
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If there's a Guitar Pro version of it on here, I can import the MIDI into EZDrummer and have it play for you. But your playing is going to have to be exact.

Otherwise, I have an electric drumset while my friend is moving for like a week, so I could do my own version of it. PM me if you're interested
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