Heres what you need:
a Shower that squirts out water
a butthole
optional: washcloth

Step 1: Start Shower, let it warm up if you like it warm.
Step 2: Get naked.
Step 3: Get in shower
Step 4a: Apply soap to edge of butthole, careful not to slip!
Step 4b: Apply soap to wascloth, apply to edges of butthole
Step 5: Turn around so the water squirting out of the shower head is hitting your back.
Step 6: Bend over(like you havent heard that before)
Step 7: Let the water do the all the dirty work!!

See, 7 easy steps and whenever you are curled up in a ball masterbauting, you wont smell any of your poop!!
Thank God! ive been looking for a tutorial for ****ing ever
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like anyone needed instructions for this...

it's not that hard to figure out on your own
Next time me and my girl kinky, I wont have to worry about the dingleberries anymore! THANKS, TS!!!
Thank you! God, it was all packing up back there...
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what about hairs?
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Thank you! God, it was all packing up back there...

Your name seems appropriate for this topic.
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..excuse me?..

I feel violated

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Your name seems appropriate for this topic.

Says 'Anus Fan'.
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Oooh..I was just using my hands to scrape it out, but thanks to your infinite wisdom, I don't have to rape myself anymore

On second thought, I'll keep using my hands