hey everybody

basically, Im custom wiring my guitar im adding 5 miniswitches to my guitar, here's what im doing: The bridge connects to Miniswitches 1 and 2 then hooks to the main 5 way switch. The Neck hooks to switches 3 and 4 and then hooks to the 5 way main switch.

Here's what the four miniswitches do:

Switch 1 (on/on):
Bridge Pickup Normal / Phased

Switch 2 (on/on):
Bridge Pickup Normal / Coil cut

Switch 3 (on/on):
Neck Pickup Normal / Phased

Switch 4 (on/on):
Neck Pickup Normal / Coil cut

then all the wires meet at the 5-way main switch. If all 4 switches are set to "Normal", this is what the 5-way switch will do

1: Bridge
2: Inner Coils (Parallel)
3: Outer Coils (Series)
4: Outer Coils (Parallel)
5: Neck Pickup

Of course, the 4 switches add a multitude of other possibilities; it adds up to about 54 possible different sounds. (And yes i like playing around with my sound like a monkey on crack....)

Then it hooks through the volume (with treble bleed capacitor, due to the bassy nature of mahogany) and out.

In case you were wondering what the 5th switch does, its an on/off/on switch:

On(1): Black Ice
Off: ---
On(2): Tone 0.047uF

Tell me what you think!!

So far, so good?

Here's my real problem

I bought two Push/Pull pots (250K for tone/black Ice, 500K for volume). And I did so before I decided to drill for miniswitches.

Im brainstorming ideas for the two push/pulls. So far, this is what I thought of:

Push: Bridge pickup signal: ON
Pull: Bridge pickup signal: OFF

Push: Neck pickup signal: ON
Pull: Neck pickup signal: OFF

"Why" do you ask?

This way I can make My guitar behave like a strat!

Switch Positions (Bridge OFF):
1 No Signal
2 Neck, Single Coil 1
3 Neck, Single Coil 2
4 Neck, Single Coil 2
5 Neck humbucker

Its similar if you turn off the Neck and leave the bridge, except you manipulate the bridge's coils!

This is the only Idea I have for the push/pulls I just want to know if anybody has a better idea!! please share!!

Thank you!