hey, when losing the control pot do i just rewire it the way i cut it off or do i have to use the capicator that was used with it. i just want to use the volume straight to a dimarzio x2n pickup but it was originally a 1 vol 1 tone i aint got nothing now so i think i should just hook it back up but i done made the pickguard clean with only the volume pot spot plus it the tone just got in my way
I've read that three times now.

I still can't understand what you are saying.

EDIT: Does this do what you want?


You might need this to translate the colours too


If that doesn't do what you want try and make it clearer.
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I'm guessing you don't want to use a tone pot?

Okay, that's easy.

No, you don't use the cap that was on the tone pot.