So I have a 2008 Fender standard Strat. I really like it but theres one problem thats confusing me. The volume and tone pots are more like on/off switches. I can hear no difference when I turn the pots, only when I turn them down to zero do they make any difference. My friend has the same guitar and his pots work fully, they make a difference when he adjusts them in any way at all. Any ideas?

I swapped the bridge pickup out for a SD Hotrails shortly after I got the guitar, if that makes any difference. I'm not sure if they worked properly before I changed the pickup. I never took any notice. Any help appreciated.
I know the problem. If you only switched out the pickups, you've changed from single-coils to humbuckers without changing the potentiometers.

Open up your pickguard and check the markings on the volume and tone pots. If I'm right, they'll say 250k on them because that's the pot value used for single-coils.

Humbuckers require 500k pots and higher value capacitors on the tone pots.
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do you use a valve amp or a solid state amp?

A lil solid state Roland Cube. My friend showed me his working pots on a solid state amp though so I wouldnt think it makes a difference.

EDIT: To the guy above me, the pots dont work right for any of my pickups, including the 2 single coils. Is it possible the new pickup is interfering with the the others?
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Hmmm... I misread your original post. I thought you replaced all three. However, the humbucker in the bridge position might affect the whole circuit.

Here's what I would do: Get a 500k pot, install it in place of the original and see if it takes care of the taper problem. If it does, it should fix it for the tones as well. If you do decide to replace the tone pots with 500k, you should also up the capacitor value to what is commonly used with humbuckers - .047uF
The tapers on the pots might be linear. Find a set of audio taper pots. Should give a smoother response. Check out RS guitarworks for sets of pots and tone caps.
^^If he used the original pots, they should already be audio taper, but yes check anyway. Audio taper pots should be marked with an A and linear pots with a B. Example: A250k.