Here's my version, without a drum track.

If anyone can help me with adding some drums in there, I would appreciate it .

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Stand up job. The only thing i would say is the distorted guitar seems a bit loud in comparison to everything else. Unfortunately, I can't help you with the drum track. But I can recommend you do an acoustic version of this! What's that? Not helpful you say? Damn...i'm sorry

full marks, lad

if you have time, check out my cover of "hurt" and let me know what you think (it's in my profile)
The distorted guitar is a bit too bright and too in the foreground. The verse guitar turned out really well. It has a nice soft chorusy sound. I like the dual vocal tracks.
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Thanks for the input! I think I'll go ahead and adjust the distortion to be not so prominent.
Great job man. The stereo vocals were a great effect. The rakes before the chorus sounded weird to me but it's all good. Great track.