Whats up guys I play for my church and I jsut wanted to play a little offering jam which the offering is being takin up. Whats like a solid rock or blues song that just is a cool jam. were all pretty intermediate players. Thanks
haha, sunny moon for two...its a really easy lame blues song, its kinda fun to jam though
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i would say "Yellow Ledbetter" by Pearl Jam just learned it and its pretty cool for a "jam"
cissy strut! fo' sho'

john mayer has done a live version where he 'jams' into it. check it out on youtube!
I always loved jamming to old Allman Brothers classics. Try 'Black Heart Woman' or 'Dreams'.

Any 12 bar blues song is good to jam too.

Also... try 'Lost Due To Incompetence' from the 'Up In Smoke' Soundtrack, One of my to groove along to.
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cissy strut check out the scofield version on his album Flat Out.
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